USMX is a crypto currency designed to generate donations for our Veterans during the trading process.


Each purchase and sell allows you to donate a percentage of your coins to vetted organizations that support our veterans, in addition to vetted individuals that can be nominated by you! Unlike some charities, 100% of USMX charitable donations raised, will be donated. Our goal is to touch as many lives as possible from coast to coast.


Our sons and daughters of These United States Of America have chosen to sacrifice so that we don’t have to.

Our soldiers separate from their families, for years at a time, in war torn countries. They risk their lives each and every day, watching their brothers fall in battle, some never make it home…paying the ultimate sacrifice.

For our soldiers returning home, the sacrifice is far from over. Integrating back into civilian life has proven to be extremely challenging, both mentally and physically. Some return with crippling injuries that forever change their lives. Others may appear “okay” on the outside but suffer from trauma-based conditions, such as PTSD, making even the smallest task, like being in a crowded room unbearable.

This type of chain reaction has be prevalent in many returning soldiers. The inability to hold down a job creates a feeling of worthlessness, sometimes leading to drug and alcohol abuse. In more severe cases, our returning soldiers adopt self-destructive habits often finding themselves in terrible situations, including being homeless. In the worst-case scenario, an average of 22 Veterans, per day, choose suicide. Many feel our own government stands by idly while our Brave Soldiers are left to deteriorate right before our eyes.


Upon purchase, there is a 10% transaction fee. Upon sale, there is a 20% transaction fee. This fee supports the overall vision and mission as well as provides more value to shareholders

USMX is designed to generate donations for our forgotten soldiers. 6% with each purchase and 12% with each sell will go into our charity wallet giving us the opportunity to give donations to vetted organizations in addition to vetted individuals nominated BY YOU!

With each purchase, 2% will go back to all of our shareholders and 4% during each sell making it more profitable to HODL.

1% of each purchase and 2% of each sell will go will go toward advertising US MIL X.

100% of the donations in the charity wallet will go directly to our veterans. Unlike other charity entities, we will not withhold portions of our donations for administrative and/or other “costs.”



As a token holder, you are contributing to our forgotten soldiers giving them the chance to have a better life when they come back home to the country they chose to protect. You will also have the opportunity to invest in US MIL X Mint passes and NFTs. This opportunity will allow you to play on our gaming platform, increasing the value of US MIL X’s cryptocurrency and NFTs. It’s time to start investing in our forgotten soldiers!

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